Best 50 Online Shopping or eCommerce Websites in the World

11/26/2021 12:00 AM by Daniela W. in Online shopping

There are lots of online shopping websites in the world. In this post, I will give you a complete list of the 50 most popular online shopping or eCommerce websites list. These portals are considered to be the world's unparalleled eCommerce market leader and get lots of traffic every single second. In recent years online shopping became very popular. Especially, when the global pandemic that began then online shopping soars than ever before.

If you're looking for the best online shopping websites on the internet to get the best shoppable products without doing further delay then the list below would be a nice collection for you. 

As like in recent years, still now the most visited eCommerce and shopping website is As per SimilarWeb the average time users spend on the website is more than 6 minutes and they viewed an average of 8.67 pages per visit! As you already know pages per visit is a popular engagement metric that is calculated by dividing the total number of webpages views on the website by the total number of visitors.

In this way, the bounce rate is getting really a top-class result. In October 2021 for is in the first position. Their bounce rate was 36.29%, which means 36.29% of visitors leave the website after viewing just one page. You can check the website SEO things here

On the other hand, another giant Internet player and are next on the list. In terms of user engagement, has an average visit duration of 6 minutes, an average number of pages per visit of 6.93, and a bounce rate of 37.02%. Their situation is similar with with an average visit duration of around 6 minutes, an average number of pages per visit of 7.74, and a bounce rate of 37.77%. is a top eCommerce and shopping website that ranks number 4. On that website, visitors stay about 6 minutes on average and 39.07% of these visits are abandoned after viewing just one page though. In addition, an average of 7.39 pages is accessed per visit.

Number five on our list is, a top eCommerce and shopping website. In Germany, it's the market leader for eCommerce or online shopping. Their visitors view 9.08 pages per visit and spend about 7 minutes on the site. The bounce rate for is 32.12%.

Every month this info is being updated actually. Website ranking & traffic analysis of the most visited e-commerce and shopping websites depends on so many things! Below we have collected a list Best 50 Online Shopping or eCommerce Websites in the World on the basis of popularity.



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